Elevating Cannabis Experiences in Livonia and Dearborn Heights


Green Genie Cannabis has emerged as a leading provider of premium cannabis products, catering to the needs of consumers in Livonia and Dearborn Heights, Michigan. With a commitment to quality, education, and exceptional customer service, the company has quickly gained a reputation for delivering elevated cannabis experiences.

Need a Cannabis Near Me?

For those seeking a reliable and trusted source of cannabis near them, Green Genie Cannabis offers two conveniently located dispensaries:

  • Livonia, MI: Situated at the heart of the city, this dispensary provides easy access to a wide range of top-quality cannabis products.
  • Dearborn Heights, MI: With a welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, this location caters to the diverse needs of cannabis enthusiasts in the area.

Product Offerings

Green Genie Cannabis takes pride in offering a diverse selection of meticulously curated cannabis products, including:

  • Flower: A vast array of premium strains, carefully cultivated and cured to perfection.
  • Concentrates: High-quality concentrates like wax, shatter, and live resin for those seeking potent experiences.
  • Edibles: Delicious and precisely dosed edibles, ranging from gummies to baked goods.
  • Topicals: Innovative topical products designed to provide localized relief and relaxation.

Education and Community Engagement

Recognizing the importance of responsible cannabis consumption, Green Genie Cannabis has made education a cornerstone of its mission. The company regularly hosts informative seminars and workshops, where experts share valuable insights into the world of cannabis, addressing topics such as dosing, product selection, and safe consumption practices.

Additionally, Green Genie Cannabis actively supports local communities through various philanthropic initiatives and partnerships, fostering a sense of community and demonstrating its commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.


With its unwavering dedication to quality, education, and customer satisfaction, Green Genie Cannabis has become a trusted and respected name in the cannabis industry. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of cannabis, Green Genie Cannabis stands ready to elevate your experiences and provide guidance every step of the way.