Jovial Skies at Joyology: Your Premier Cannabis Dispensary

Is the strain of finding a quality cannabis dispensary in Sterling Heights, MI or Madison Heights, MI too much to bear? It sounds like you need to inhale deeply (possibly on a comfy couch), and exhale your worries at the Joyology Center Line, MI! Our motto is, “Spread joy”, and our cannabis strains surely do remain true to it; it’s hard not to share a giggle or chuckle when you leave our doors.

Tickle All Your Senses!

Yes, that’s right. We offer not only top-notch cannabis but also a hearty dose of happiness, all wrapped up in a colorful, quirky environment that wouldn’t be out of place in a ‘Mad Hatter Tea Party’. Tickle your senses with our assortment of locally-sourced cannabis strains, each of them named after the spirit of joy they ignite.

Worry not about the ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘when’, or even the ‘why’. Come on down to Joyology Center Line, MI. where we combine world-class service, top-tier products and a merry atmosphere to create a cannabis dispensary experience unlike any other. The joy is here, are you ready for your hit?